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mini tractor SunGarden DF 244 full
SunGarden DF 244 mini tractor

type of drive full
mini tractor SunGarden DF 244
manufacturer: SunGarden
type: mini tractor
weight (kg): 1190.00
length (mm): 2661.00
width (mm): 1158.00
height (mm): 2200.00
type of drive: full
type brakes: drum
minimum turning radius (cm): 240.00
number of gears: 8.00
number of gears (back): 2.00
engine speed (rev/min): 90.00
engine power (kW): 17.90
engine power (hp): 24.00
maximum speed (km/h): 26.20
maximum speed reverse (km/h): 7.45
engine cooling: water
number of cycles of the engine: four-cycle
direct injection: no
transmission: speed manual
fuel tank capacity (L): 25.00
indicators of fuel and battery: no
lamps and lights: front
seat adjustment
electric starter
number of PTO speeds: 1.00
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