garden tractor (rider) SNAPPER E281323BVE Characteristics

garden tractor (rider) SNAPPER E281323BVE Characteristics, Photo

garden tractor (rider) SNAPPER E281323BVE Photo

typegarden tractor (rider)
minimum turning radius (cm)48.00
maximum speed (km/h)7.40
maximum speed reverse (km/h)3.00

Efficiency and power consumption:


type of driverear
transmissionspeed manual
type brakesdisc
number of gears (back)1.00
number of gears5.00
displacement (cc)344.00
electric starteryes
engine coolingair
direct injectionno
fuel tank capacity (L)10.00
support of attachments (PTO)no
support equipment trailerno


emissions grasssideways


seat adjustmentyes


size of the front wheels (inch)11.00
size of the front wheels 2 (inch)11.00
size of the rear wheels (inch)16.00
size of the rear wheels 2 (inch)16.00

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