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mini tractor Kepler Pro SF244 Characteristics, Photo

mini tractor Kepler Pro SF244 Photo

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Efficiency and power consumption:

engine speed (rev/min)60.00
engine power (kW)17.60
engine power (hp)24.00


type of drivefull
transmissionspeed manual
number of gears (back)2.00
number of gears6.00
displacement (cc)1350.00
number of cycles of the enginefour-cycle
electric starteryes
direct injectionno
fuel tank capacity (L)17.00
support of attachments (PTO)no
support equipment traileryes



lamps and lightsfront, rear, overall


width (mm)1300.00
height (mm)1420.00
length (mm)299.00
weight (kg)1120.00

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Please help the project: Thank you!

Characteristics tractor Kepler Pro SF244. Type of drive full. Fuel tank capacity 17.00 L. Type mini tractor. Manufacturer Kepler. Number of gears 2.00 back. Number of gears 6.00. Engine power 17.60 kW. Engine power 24.00 hp. Displacement 1350.00 cc. Lamps and lights front, rear, overall. Weight 1120.00 kg. Number of cycles of the engine four-cycle. Sizes 1300.00x299.00x1420.00 . Transmission speed manual. Engine speed 60.00 rev/min.

electric starter; support equipment trailer.

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