snowblower STIGA Snow Prisma Characteristics

snowblower STIGA Snow Prisma Characteristics, Photo

snowblower STIGA Snow Prisma Photo


type cleaning systemsingle-stage
maximum angle of rotation of the chute throwing snow (degree)220.00
material chute throwingplastic
adjusting the ejection chute of snowmechanical
width (cm)55.00
height capture (cm)32.00
screw diameter (cm)25.00
screw formsmooth
material screwrubber and plastic
throwing distance, min (m)1.00
throwing distance, max (m)6.00


ability to control with one handyes
engine typepetrol
fuel tank capacity (L)3.00
engine modelBriggs and Stratton
number of cycles of the enginefour-cycle
electric starteryes

Efficiency and power consumption:

engine power (kW)3.71


weight (kg)42.00

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