power cutters saw EFCO TT 180-14 Characteristics

power cutters saw Characteristics, Photo

power cutters saw EFCO TT 180-14 Photo

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saw typepower cutters
designhand saw
cutting height (mm)145.00
rotational speed (rev/min)5100.00
additional functionsanti-vibration


weight (kg)10.50
disk diameter (mm)350.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

engine power (W)4200.00
motor power (hp)5.70

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Characteristics saw EFCO TT 180-14. Cutting height 145.00 mm. Rotational speed 5100.00 rev/min. Power cutters. Manufacturer EFCO. Disk diameter 350.00 mm. Weight 10.50 kg. Additional functions anti-vibration. Motor power 5.70 hp. Engine power 4200.00 W. Design hand saw.










$5.51 ($1.84 / Count)



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