cut saw Odwerk BNB 2414 Characteristics

cut saw Characteristics, Photo

cut saw Odwerk BNB 2414 Photo

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saw typecut saw
designtable saw
cutting height (mm)100.00
number of speeds1.00
rotational speed (rev/min)3600.00
tilt angle (degrees)45.00


weight (kg)19.50
bore diameter disc (mm)25.00
disk diameter (mm)355.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

engine power (W)2100.00
motor power (hp)100.00

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Characteristics saw Odwerk BNB 2414. Cut saw. Manufacturer Odwerk. Cutting height 100.00 mm. Design table saw. Disk diameter 355.00 mm. Number of speeds 1.00. Tilt angle 45.00 degrees. Bore diameter disc 25.00 mm. Weight 19.50 kg. Motor power 100.00 hp. Rotational speed 3600.00 rev/min. Engine power 2100.00 W.












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