cut saw Калибр ПО-2200А Characteristics

cut saw Characteristics, Photo

cut saw Калибр ПО-2200А Photo

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saw typecut saw
designtable saw
number of speeds1.00
tilt angle (degrees)45.00


bore diameter disc (mm)32.00
disk diameter (mm)400.00
abutment surface, depth (mm)300.00
abutment surface, width (mm)300.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

engine power (W)2200.00
motor power (hp)200.00

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Characteristics saw Калибр ПО-2200А. Cut saw. Motor power 200.00 hp. Abutment surface, width 300.00 - abutment surface, depth 300.00 mm. Manufacturer Калибр. Disk diameter 400.00 mm. Number of speeds 1.00. Engine power 2200.00 W. Tilt angle 45.00 degrees. Bore diameter disc 32.00 mm. Design table saw.













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