circular saw FIT CS-160/1200 Characteristics

circular saw Characteristics, Photo

circular saw FIT CS-160/1200 Photo

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saw typecircular saw
designhand saw
cutting height (mm)52.00
number of speeds1.00
rotational speed (rev/min)4500.00


power cable length (m)1.80
weight (kg)3.86
bore diameter disc (mm)20.00
disk diameter (mm)160.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

engine power (W)1200.00
motor power (hp)200.00

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Characteristics saw FIT CS-160/1200. Circular saw. Manufacturer FIT. Cutting height 52.00 mm. Design hand saw. Disk diameter 160.00 mm. Number of speeds 1.00. Bore diameter disc 20.00 mm. Power cable length 1.80 m. Weight 3.86 kg. Motor power 200.00 hp. Rotational speed 4500.00 rev/min. Engine power 1200.00 W.













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