electric chain saw Mafell ZSK 330 Characteristics

electric chain saw Characteristics, Photo

electric chain saw Mafell ZSK 330 Photo

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saw typeelectric chain saw
designhand saw
cutting height (mm)330.00
rotational speed (rev/min)6700.00
rotation speed at rated load (r/min)6350.00
chain pitch3/8
additional functionsthe chain brake, smooth start, engine braking


power cable length (m)10.00
weight (kg)23.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

engine power (W)3000.00
motor power (hp)4.10

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Characteristics saw Mafell ZSK 330. Electric chain saw. Design hand saw. Cutting height 330.00 mm. Manufacturer Mafell. Power cable length 10.00 m. Weight 23.00 kg. Engine power 3000.00 W. Rotation speed at rated load 6350.00 r/min. Rotational speed 6700.00 rev/min. Chain pitch 3/8. Motor power 4.10 hp. Additional functions the chain brake, smooth start, engine braking.










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